One Night Only? You Can’t Be “Cereus”!

My friend, Diane has a deck that I describe as the most gorgeous and peaceful place in the state of New Jersey. Recently, while at her house, my perception was cemented when I got to witness the brief yet breathtaking life cycle of night blooming cereus flowers.

Some Flowers on the Plant - Night One


A Night Blooming Cereus is a plant with buds that generally bloom at night time, as the name suggests. Many species, including the one that my friend has, only bloom once a year and each flower lasts only for that evening.  

Truly one of the wonders of nature, I did my best to document the life cycle with pictures that I hope give you a snap shot of what became a two night display!  


Here is what the buds looked like before they opened. Deep pink packages that started pointing upward as they got ready to open.








Here, the packages are starting to open. They’d held the previous shape for a number of days. When I saw this, I called my friend, Diane, (frantic and anxious for some reason, lol) to let her know that the blooms were coming.








As night began to fall, the blooms started to open even more. Running back and forth from the Preseason Football Game that was on at the time, I snapped these pictures. (Football & Flowers – makes sense to me!)








Almost there…








And when they opened fully, the fragrance was just as beautiful as the flowers. Think along the lines of a light vanilla scent with only the slightest tinge of something almost minty in the background.  


Look closely and you will notice, there are lots more buds pointing up … Would I get to witness a second night?!








After catching the display, I was equally as excited to see if they really would die by morning. So after waking up at around 6 am, I went outside to check. Sure enough, they had wilted.








Day 2 proved to be just as fruitful as Day 1 on the plant. Lots of blooms in the evening and then, the morning after …








Pretty cool, huh? Leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve ever come across a Night Blooming Cereus. Also, hop over to the JarrodOnline Facebook page (click “Like”) and check out a few more images from my “Oh so Cereus Night!” Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Before you go, take a minute to check out this AWESOME time lapse video that I found. The original article is titled, “Talk About a 1-Night Stand!!” ;-) and can be found at


  1. WOW! What a beautiful thing to behold!!!!



  2. Diane says:

    So glad someone got to enjoy it when I wasn’t there, it’s too beautiful of a thing to not have appreciated that one night !

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