Gut Check!

Hey there readers!

I just want to check in with you and perform a little “Gut Check”

When I started the blog, I spoke to many people who thought that this represented an online version of my Bucket List. Other people thought that this was just me sharing stories about my life. While there may be kernels of truth in both of those statements, this blog was really about trying new things and encouraging anyone who stopped by to do the same.

The “what” was never meant to be that important. Be it scuba diving, archery, sailing, trying a new cuisine, or traveling to a new place, my hope was that the blog would spark something inside of the visitors and coax them into getting out of their boxes and exploring the world around them (if they weren’t doing so already!)

Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite messages that I have received since starting the blog which I loved because it spoke to exactly what the blog is all about …

“I have wanted to go [to Greece] for sooo long and your Paris story inspired me. I think I might have to start a Going to Greece fund for myself. So not only did you make me smile but you inspired me at the same time.”

So here is my gut check with all of you. I know the economy has us ALL “thrown off” a bit, but have you let that paralyze you? Are you venturing out and trying new things? Are you exploring and (more importantly) enjoying the world around you? Write me back here and let me know.

In the coming weeks, there will be more antics of course! I’ll be singing, swimming, trampoline-ing, paintballing, zumba-ing, baking and a whole lot more but what will YOU be doing?:)

Thank you for continuing to stop by!


  1. I so love this blog! It warms my heart to see other adventurers out there! YAY!




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